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Healing Earth Crystals

Shane Sacha has spent time in India learning mantras and ceremonies from 2001, which he still practices to this day.

Each piece is hand crafted within a meditation pyramid with intended prayers, blessings and/or mantras whispered into each and every bead to enhance its effectiveness.


We believe self discovery and expanding our heart and mind is the road to true freedom, happiness, peace and fulfilment. The fastest way into your heart is through self nurturing!


We believe you deserve so much more. You deserve to be nurtured, supported and valued. What we offer in our crystal jewellery is not only visually stunning, but by utilising the crystals and gemstones, they're enhancing and protecting on more subtle and deeper levels!


Whether you're looking for added confidence, immunity, mental and emotional support, we offer lovingly hand made jewellery tailored just for you. 

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