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Why do I fast?

Before each of my 3 fasts (10 days, 21 days and 39 days respectively) I felt an urge in several areas within me. It was to cleanse, soften, go deeper within and connect more deeply to the divine, to my heart.


On a physical level I also felt I needed a cleanse. I felt a little heavy and bloated at times in my gut. It wasn't quite right. Especially this recent 3rd 'full fast'. The amazing thing is; It wasn't until the morning of day 35, while in isolation or my retreat as I prefer to call it, during my fasting/darkness/vippassana style experience, that I actually felt within my being that my stomach had been reset/cleansed! I knew that soon after this I'd be eating again and wow, since eating, I feel like a newborn child, experiencing food in all its glory and splendour. I feel truly nourished on all levels. I feel connected in mind, body and spirit like never before. 


I eat organic where I can. My new favourite food store is owned and run by a beautifully and soft hearted family and their staff at "Organic on Charles" North Perth. It's so worth a look, I've showered them with a bunch a questions and they're always willing to offer insight and assistance.


With my new profound love of food I've decided to share (in the near future) the foods I've been cooking since my fast ended. I feel what many may lack for ideas of predominately vegetarian meals, is just mindset and a lack of at times, creativity (this used to be me).


Although I've decided at this point on remaining a vegetarian, there will be occasional tasty meat dishes I've cooked for my friends. 


Please bare in mind, I'm not a chef, or qualified cook. I am merely a lover of food and life!