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Shane's healing method


This is Shane's passion, his offering. With 30 years of experience as a healer, Shane utilises spiritual/esoteric healing, balancing chakras, clearing spaces and or your psyche using his perception and clairvoyance. He is able to trace links within you toward inner attachments or challenges to reveal blockages, and a way forward to develop and grow. Distant healing available.


Offering ways to connect, nurture and seek understanding within. Take steps toward rediscovering, accessing and expanding feelings of your heart, realising your beauty and uniqueness.


Take a journey to becoming softer, more loving and more powerful. This starts within your heart (toward yourself) and then naturally ripples outward impacting and nurturing others. This is the road to healing yourself, becoming more connected, feeling more love. 


Shane's way is through softness, love and nurturing, assisting and encouraging you to gently let down your walls, so that not only will others see and feel your heart more profoundly, but more importantly "you" will be able feel your profound heart more than ever, begin to see further and more deeply within. Ultimately  discovering more beauty around and within you.


While offering a combination of these abilities (which we all have access to) Shane focuses on reflection and understanding, this is the key to unlocking all doors, the key to self healing. Shane does not want you to be reliant on him, he wants to teach you how to heal yourself, to be "empowered"


He will guide you from his experiences, insights and understandings. Sharing impacts and understandings of those that have already embarked on this remarkable life changing journey. The journey to self empowerment.

Sessions may be shared with parent and/or sibling

(at no additional cost).

What you will be receiving for each session; Healing, balancing and an energetic/intuitive reading with insight on grounding techniques and strategies on how to develop yourself further, gaining more access to your intuition and inner beauty. How to deeply nurture yourself, assisting in developing mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It is said "if you haven't got your mind right, nothing else matters!"

All sessions available on Skype or in person at $180 per session (sessions may vary depending on what is required). Concessions available. If you're experiencing financial difficulties, please email and we can work something out.

To book or enquire by emailing

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