Jo Brennan

Shane is one of those rare & special people that come along occasionally in our life journey. He recently entered my life as a spiritual healer, guide, mentor & friend.


Initially, my daughter & I met with him to help her with her anxiety & depression issues. She had just overdosed twice on pills, in one weekend & was in a very low part of her life. He was very quick to offer us help & assistance, even though at that point we hadn't met before.


My daughter is now moving forward with her life, & he's also been quick to offer his help & expertise to me, in relation to issues that I was experiencing with my spiritual growth.

He has a very gentle & loving way about him, always coming from that beautiful heart space. He shares that guidance through his own personal stories, adding in some humour into the mix.

He freely offers the tips that he's added to his own personal repertoire & is always conscious of keeping his guidance easy to understand. Through this method, even a complete beginner, to their spiritual journey, can appreciate & incorporate his advice.


Shane is a deeply engaging healer, teacher & your own personal guru, who is able to move people & gently guide them to take on the intended energy or message.


I would recommend Shane to anyone who is wanting to move forward on their spiritual, life or healing journey. Whether you are ready for giant leaps or only baby steps, Shane is the perfect person to guide you to your final destination.

Linda Melville-Main

I have had the honour and privilege of knowing Shane for a number of years now. It didn’t take long for me to realise what a special soul he is. Shane has a knowledge and an understanding that is so much deeper and profound than anyone I have met previously, as he works only from a place of divine LOVE.


Shane has offered me help and assistance on many levels, from helping myself and my family members when feeling unwell, to guiding me to develop my own abilities to nurture, heal and shift energies within. 


When we lived in a rental, whilst building our home, Shane helped us clear some energies within the house, that was making us uncomfortable. After the clearing there was a noticeable difference within the home, putting my family much more at ease.


I also want to credit Shane with assisting and guiding me on my own journey to growth in many ways. In his own beautiful way, he guides you to love and nurture yourself in a most gentle and loving way. He provides you with tools that are invaluable and will last a lifetime if you keep using them, when needed. He will never give you more than you can handle as he is totally in tune with what is going on with you energetically.

Instead of focusing on what is going on in your mind or on your past traumas, Shane has an incredible ability to focus on the essence of you, in order to start the healing process. Just like a good physician who would focus on the cause of the ailment rather than its symptoms. 


I can’t recommend Shane highly enough. He is the person you would turn to to teach you how fish for a lifetime supply, rather than the fishmonger who can feed you for only a day.

Clare Atkins

I was never very good at English but this is spoken from the heart!!!

Thank you for your personal journey that is spoken from the heart by a exquisite soul, who bares all and is true to himself and the reader .

This book has given me the tools to help me on my own path and with my thoughts, and continues to do so!

You are a inspiration with a wonderful, kind and a beautiful heart who helps more than you know!

I look forward to the next one !!