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Enhancing the Feminine aspects of Heart/Wisdom & Higher Purpose


Red Jasper – A very grounding stone which releases negative energies


Rhodonite – A stone relating to the Heart Chakra. Promotes forgiveness, understanding and compassion


Shell Pearl – Unlike imitation Pearls, the base of shell pearls is Nacre. The Pearl is made using a bead of mother-of-pearl. Shell pearls are more durable than natural pearls and is not so affected by chemicals or perspiration.


Pearl – These gems promote inner wisdom and our connection with universal divine energies. They promote inner refection and purpose


Clear Quartz – This stone brings clarity and enhances your higher potential and goals


Tourmaline – A stone for calming and grounding energies, bringing balance and protection into your world

8mm Red Jasper/Rhodonite/Shell Pearl/6mm Pearl/Faceted Clear Quartz with Faceted

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