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2020 Foreword Indies Finalist &
2022 Finalist in the Book Excellence Awards,
for Awakenings - A Life's Journey

You are more than you could possibly imagine!


Discover the real you.

From wearing crystal jewellery to enhance your beautiful inner qualities, to deep diving and unravelling suffering mind and emotions through my podcasts, YouTube, healing and self-help book. We assist you in discovering the true deep and magical you.

I have been seeking happiness and understanding my entire life. My desire has been enhanced through vast suffering and great challenges. Throughout my life, these experiences forced me to seek truth and understanding to rise above the destructive entrapments of my thoughts.

I’ve discovered that suffering can be seen through. This profound discovery led to my book Awakenings A Life’s Journey (Indie finalist; self-help) which inspired me to expand this most profound journey to greater, far more reaching areas to assist and inspire others looking for greater fulfilment and freedom within. From the subtleties of crystal jewellery (coming soon) to the more direct and confronting methods of self-development, enhancing emotional wellbeing, nurturing, clarity and inner strength,


I’ve always dreamed of helping others, The journey to self-discovery and self-development is the greatest journey one can embark on, and these days it is more important than ever.


I’d like to be remembered for my principles, inspiration and wisdom. Ultimately, my desire is to create a movement which supports and promotes wellbeing and self-empowerment through simplifying what are often complex and confusing ideas and attitudes.


My wish is for these empowering attributes to be reflected and integrated within my expanding business, the modules, healing, processes and products on multiple levels, offering the tools to mirror and become affiliated with this evolving and empowering lifestyle and movement.

We are promoting health and wellbeing through awareness, guidance and support on multiple levels.

If you would like to join us on our podcast AWAKENING, we would love to hear from you. Just click the button below.

Signs your friends aren't supporting you

Here are some basic characteristics of closed minded people. 


  • They recommend people should follow in their exact footsteps to find what they have discovered

  • They interrupt you and tell you that they know exactly what you mean and start telling their story

  • They cut you off when you open to them and tell you their ideas or what you should be doing

  • They are experts in all areas of your life and know exactly how you should be living

  • They blame you or others for any shortcomings or obstacles

  • They justify their views to you, friends or family

  • They try to prove that they are right and you or others are wrong

  • They are not open to change and they do not consider or value your views


People with these characteristics can not support, nurture or understand you. You need regular space from these people, where you feel safe. 

For true support you need to be heard and valued, without judgement. 

If you are experiencing difficulties during these times, please seek counselling, professional help and/or likeminded people. 

Feel free to join or subscribe for regular insights, motivations and understandings supporting and encouraging your inner growth and development. 

For more insights, visit our Podcast or see AWAKENINGS - A Life's Journey.


Shane offers holistic healing and self-awareness.

For more information, click below.

Camp Fire


Join us in a relaxed fireside chat while still asking the tough questions. Unravel your thinking to bring about the possibilities of change through awareness. This is all about (uncommon) common sense! Back to basics, the answers are closer than you think!


Have a look at Shane's range of video's, from Extended fasting to Shane's understandings and inspirations. 

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