You are more than you could possibly imagine!


Discover the real you.


2020 Foreword
Indies Finalist for Awakenings - A Life's Journey

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Let us help encourage and inspire healing through awareness.


The time is NOW! 

Join me in making a great wave so that its momentum is felt by all.

During these troubling times we must look inside ourselves, get in touch with our heart, our softness, our love. We need to motivate and encourage others to heal through nurturing, softness, reflection and awareness. Love is the way!

I am holding various meditation group sessions and I'm looking to reach more people.

Please contact me for any expressions of interest, including potential locations for meditations, that would best suit you.


Together we can understand, connect and inspire others to embrace their true, beautiful and empowered self! 

Lets change the world within and around us for the better.


Just click the below button. I would love to hear from you!


Shane offers holistic healing, meditations, self-awareness and soon to come, Sacred Ceremony.

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Camp Fire


Join us in a relaxed fireside chat while still asking the tough questions. Unravel your thinking to bring about the possibilities of change through awareness. This is all about (uncommon) common sense! Back to basics, the answers are closer than you think!


Have a look at Shane's range of video's, from Extended fasting to Shane's understandings and inspirations.