Meet the Team

Linda Melville-Main

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I have always been searching for truths and especially spiritual truths my whole life but my search definitely ramped up around 2012. Not long thereafter I met Shane who has since become a valued friend, teacher and now colleague.


Since Shane finished his book, I have found my dream job in helping Shane create and develop the brand ‘Shane Sacha’ and his amazing book ‘Awakenings – A Life’s Journey’. I'm mostly a Jack-of-all-trades but my background is mostly in Customer Service as I enjoy working with people of all walks of life.


I had the privilege of helping Shane with the layout of the interior and designing the book cover. I mostly do the ‘behind the scenes’ work, like administrator, coordinator, creative works for social media and website designing. Over the years, as an added bonus, Shane has taught me to do some energy work and healing. I get to swap ideas, philosophies and theories with Shane on almost daily basis as well as watching the business grow and evolve in the most beautifully organic way and I love every minute of it.


This time in human history is a time where so many are questioning and searching for a different truth than what has previously been presented to us the past. Within his book, ‘Awakenings – A Life’s Journey’, Shane has created an invaluable tool that can help so many on their path to finding freedom by returning to their hearts and I have the pleasure and honour of accompanying him on this journey to provide the world with this awesome gift, with so many more to come.


I hope you decide to join us on this exciting journey of discovery, healing and LOVE…